Sunday, August 18, 2019

Correlation between hemoglobin, serum albumin, body mass index, hemodialysis shift time and hemodialysis adequacy with quality of life in hemodialysis patients

  • Darryl Virgiawan TanodSam Ratulangi University
  • Linda RottySam Ratulangi University
  • Stella PalarSam Ratulangi University
  • Emma MoeisSam Ratulangi University


Background CKD Patients on routine hemodial­ysis (HD) are prone to medical complications and conditions that are potentially detrimental to the quality of life (QoL), such as anemia, malnutri­tion, low body mass index (BMI), HD shift time, and HD adequacy measured by Kt/V. CKD patients undergoing routine HD mostly have lowered QoL and are at higher risk for malnutrition, inflammation, hospitalization, and mortality, compared to the general population. This study intends to find out wheth­er there is a correlation between these factors and the quality of life of patients undergoing rou­tine hemodialysis. Methods The design of this study is a cross-sectional analysis of observational data. Hemodialysis patients from general hospital Prof. dr. R. D. Kandou Manado for 3 months from August to October 2017 were included. Fifty-two patients meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The correlation between quality of life with anemia, serum albumin, BMI, adequacy of HD, using Pearson correlation test (if normality test fulfilled) or Spearman correlation test (if the normality test not fulfilled) and Independent Samples T-test to assess the quality of life with HD shift time. Results This study found no correlation between hemoglobin levels (p=0.244, r=-0.098), BMI (p=0.473, r=-0.010), HD timing (p=0.082) and quality of life of the patients, but a significant correlation between se­rum albumin (p=0.020, r=0.286), HD adequacy mea­sured by Kt/V (p=0.030, r=0.257) and subjects’ qual­ity of life. Conclusion This study showed that serum albumin and Kt/V values had a significant correlation with quality of life, while hemoglobin, BMI and dialy­sis shift time are not related to the quality of life.